Why Fly Private?

In the very first installment of Ricky’s Expert Insights, CEO and founder of Star Jets International, Ricky Sitomer provides his insider answers to your private aviation questions along with tips to make your private plane travel experience even more effortless and enjoyable, whether traveling with family or for business.

Why fly private?

There are a myriad of pain points when flying commercially. You have to arrive two hours prior to you departure, three hours if you’re flying international. You have to go through the tedious TSA process and the inevitably long lines. Listening to crying babies and sitting next to the person who can’t stop sneezing are up there on the list too.

Now if you’re flying private….

On private jets you get convenience, options, and service. You can arrive 10-15 minutes prior to departure. You're already pre-cleared through TSA for travel. No lines at security or waiting in a pile of people at a gate. It’s just you and whoever you choose to travel with. As the only ones on the plane, you avoid the above mentioned babies and sick neighbors.

You have the flexibility to depart any time you choose when flying privately. And you don’t have to worry about missing your flight or connection. You also have flexibility to select an aircraft specific to your travel needs. For example, for an international New York City to London flight, you want a GulfStream 4. If you're a family of five heading from NYC to West Palm Beach, you can fly a light jet, or any size jet depending on preference. Or you can take a prop plane to Nantucket for the weekend.

Plus, flying private gives you access to 5,000 airports. Instead of the typical hub and spoke airport system of commercial lines, you have more options and thus more convenience when planning travel. You’re not being confined to predetermined flight schedules and locations.

Flying private is all about individual luxury. Some people want lobster tails, caviar and champagne; some people want White Castle and champagne. It’s personal preference and we personalize every experience to match your lobster tail and caviar taste.

Any jet. Any time. Anywhere.

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