Private Charter Aircraft

Which private aircraft is right for your mission?

Your dedicated charter broker concierge will identify the currently available aircraft most suitable for your mission and provide you the most competitive price quotations for multiple alternatives based upon your preferences and trip schedules based on your group size, flight distance, luggage requirements and service luxury preferences. Your concierge broker will then assist you in selecting a specific aircraft by highlighting and comparing the available alternatives, so you can make the most informed decision.

Private Aircraft Categories:

1. What Types of Aircraft Are Available for Private Charters?

2. What are the Differences Between Private Aircraft Types?

  • Helicopters

    • Short Flight Range

    • Slower Speeds

    • Ability to Land in many more locations outside private airports

    • Limited Seating capacity

  • Turbo-Prop Aircraft

    • Medium Flight Range

    • Moderate Speeds

    • Ability to Land at all private airports

  • Jet Aircraft

    • Depending on category, can fly non-stop across the oceans

    • Depending on size, can accommodate from 4 to 100 passengers

    • Depending on type, has a wide range of luxury features

3. How to Select the best Aircraft for Your Private Charter?

A. What is your private flight mission distance?

B. How many passengers are on your private charter flight?

C. What level of luxury is desired on your private charter?


The prices shown on the RIGHT may vary depending on the location of the aircraft, price of fuel and other factors.

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Private Flight

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Charter Aircraft Pricing

Price Ranges per Hour on Various Aircraft:

Helicopters ➢    $3,500. - $7,500./Hr. 

Turbo Props ➢    $1,800. - $2,500./Hr. 

Very Light Jets ➢    $2,800. - $3,200./Hr. 

Light Jets ➢    $3,200. - $3,500./Hr. 

Midsize Jets ➢    $4,000. - $4,500./Hr. 

Super Midsize Jets ➢    $5,000. - $5,500./Hr. 

Heavy Jets ➢    $5,500. - $6,500./Hr. 

Ultra Long Range Jets ➢    $7,500. - $12,500./Hr.

Jumbo Jets ➢    Please Call for Pricing 

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