Private Charter Destination Guides

Private Flight Destination Guides

Select Worldwide Destinations for the Discriminating Private Flyer

When you are able to utilize private flights, why not travel to destinations that are unique and not over-run by tourists.

We invite you to look at our Destination Guides which are expanded on a regular basis and focused on seasonal or special occasion travel.  For Winter trips we will explore and present the most desirable destinations, like Ski and Winter Sports Resorts, Caribbean Islands and Private Yacht excursions. For Summer trips we will explore destinations for family fun vacations and beach scenes.

Star Jets. Intl. Current Destination Guides:

Aspen Colorado

Awasi Atacama - Chile

Cannes - France

Greek Islands

The Hamptons


Los Angeles, CA

Maldives - Indian Ocean

Miami, FL

Monte Carlo

New York City

St. Barts

St. Tropez

Washington, DC


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