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Private Jet to London

London is a bespoke Private Flight destination,

and might sound like a city of predictability. We’ve been there, seen the bridge, Big Ben and Buckingham. Now what? Let’s start with a private jet flight across the Atlantic or the Channel and a hotel that was accommodation to many a guest from the Royal Wedding. While traditional it’s far from ordinary. And then on to some of the newest and hottest shopping down a Dalston alleyway.

Most Luxurious London Hotel Suite

The Goring’s 69 luxury rooms and suites sit in the center of London and have been family-run since its inception in 1910. The emphasis on service, heritage and traditional British luxury shine through. Stay in the truly regal Royal Suite which is decorated in antique furnishings, has an oversized portrait of Queen Victoria and features silks that match those in the throne room of the Buckingham Palace. Goring strikes the balance of luxurious yet a homey feel, royal yet attainable.

And of course, expect a traditional English breakfast.

Hardest to Get  London Dinner Table

The American Bar at The Stafford Hotel. Funny name for a London establishment, right? Don’t be fooled. It’s the place to be if you haven’t heard already and home to oddities from around the world. The American Bar is decorated in as they describe, “artefacts, knick knacks and signed celebrity photographs” that were given to the bar over the years. Needless to say, there are plenty of interesting objects to ponder and stories to wonder. The wall to wall entertainment will only be made more so with the crafted cocktail menu. Because of the bar’s uniqueness and notoriety, seats are very hard to come by.

Exclusive Experience Money CAN Buy

Mr. Fogg’s Gin Tavern is the encyclopedia of gin, with over 300 in its selection. They even say so themselves. Sign up for the Gin Safari, a part education, part tasting, and 100% alcoholic experience. While by far something that will break the bank, this is certainly something jovial, unique, and wins you the bragging rights of going on a “gin safari” which is intriguing in and of itself.

Shop here: Only in London

For a very British souvenir, visit Laird Hatters. Every piece in this cap and hat shop is handmade. There are two lines, a premium and a luxury, delineated by their labels.

For something totally different and on the other end of the shopping spectrum, check out the ultra hip concept LN-CC. LN-CC which stands for “Late Night Chameleon Cafe” is a curated space of high end fashion, music and books. Follow the alleyway to the basement and ring the buzzer.

Hottest Local Spot in London

London’s hottest spot right now is Dandelyan, the cocktail bar at the Mondrian Hotel. Located at the Sea Containers building, it’s right on the river. Dandelyan has been winning awards over the last year or so, with the latest being #3 on the 50 World’s Best Bars list 2016. This explains why it’s on everyone’s must-visit list. It’s worth a cocktail or two so take your seat on the bubble gum pink banquette and place your order.

For less of a social scene and just as local, hit up London’s art. Roam the National Portrait Gallery and Royal Academy of the Arts alongside students, residents, families and visitors.

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