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The Best Booking For You

In this installment of Ricky’s Expert Insights, CEO and founder of Star Jets International, Ricky Sitomer details the best ways to book a private plane flight and achieve the benefits of private charter aviation.


Skycard program is the option for you if you’re on multiple flights a year- 5-10 trips or more per year. With a Skycard, you can save 15-20% compared to booking an individual charter flight. Star Jets program is applicable to all our national and international flight bookings.

Empty Legs

An “empty leg” is a one way flight bookable last minute. My team and I have our eyes on a floating fleet of aircraft around the world, meaning we know the locations of available charter aircraft at any given time. This allows us to see what planes are where with no booked itineraries.

It’s not the best option if you have a non-negotiable time and place to be. Empty legs are ideal for those last minute bookings. Think a quick weekend away. And while your aircraft selection will be a bit more narrowed, you’ll get the best price for your flight. One ways are available almost all the time for North – South or East – West requests and US to Europe requests.

Traditional Charter

A traditional charter is your private plane booked in advance or on demand for a specific itinerary. As your private aviation broker, we take your request and bid out to a community of over 15,000 aircraft. Our reach allows us to source the best price, on the best aircraft fit to your needs.

There you have it. Three options to fit your individualized private charter needs. Whether a frequent flier or needing a one-time charter, I’m confident Star Jets will get you the best deal no matter your destination.

Any jet. Any time. Anywhere.

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