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Private Jet to Washington DC


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Private Jet to Washington DC

Washington, D.C., America’s capital is a Private Flight hub

being a quintessential experience for any American and foreigner alike. Whilst not the most glamorous destination for a private jet flight, it’s an important part of culture, history and government that can be equal parts enjoyable and educational. But like even the glitzy cities – LA, Miami – D.C. has a luxury scene that can elevate your experience, whether visiting for work for pleasure.

Most Luxurious DC Hotel Suite

The Jefferson is where to stay when visiting Washington DC. It’s a classic, 5-star experience. The property was opened in TK TK. The boutique hotel has only 99 rooms The suites have a, dare we say, regal air about them, fit for a first family of any generation.

For a romantic experience, book the more feminine Martha suite. The neutral yet warm decor has accents inspired by Tiffany-blue. To be head of the household – and live out your presidential dreams – book the Thomas Jefferson suites. Several balconies look out at the famed monuments that you’re probably in D.C. to visit: The White House and Washington Monument. All your city sightseeing can be done from right there. Historic artwork are exclusive to both suites.

Hardest to Get DC Dining Table

Minibar by Jose Andres. Minibar has been on every “Hardest to get into” list for years now. Sorry, but it’s true. It’s fun; it’s chic; it’s innovative. And you’ll need to get ready to wait to get in. What do you need to know? First: it’s literally mini with only room for twelve patrons. Second: you have a choice of two elite options: chef’s table or private dining. Both are prepaid and the menu consists of 20+ dishes. (Private dining includes wine pairings.)

The food is art, or maybe it’s more apt to say the art is edible. Either way, you’ll leave

Exclusive DC Experience Money CAN Buy and Only in DC

Tiny Jewel Box. Contrary to its name, Tiny Jewel Box has an extensive history. The family-owned jewelry shop was opened in 1930 and just three years after its establishment, was visited by President Roosevelt, the first of many presidents to buy jewels here. The Obamas were big fans when in office, gifting Tiny Jewel Box to Laura Bush and Queen Elizabeth.  Madeleine Albright was known for wearing many pieces from this D.C. gem.

The shop has exclusive collections and designers to make your ideas for custom pieces come to life, along with Cartier and Rolex salons. So get creative, no limits, and join the prestigious list of notable figures who have worn and gifted Tiny Jewel Box.

Hottest DC Local Spot

Founding Farmer. Farm-to-table has taken the restaurant scene by storm lately and the whirlwind is not lost on D.C. But Founding Farmer is more than that. It supports hundreds American family farms across the country, and more impressive than that, is owned by over 47,000 farmers. The ingredients and products are sourced from these farms and then the restaurant’s profits go back to the farms. Not to mention the fresh, prepared with care, and creative, healthy dishes are delectable!
The restaurant itself is a beautiful open space in welcoming earth tones, made of recycled and upcycled materials. You’ll enjoy not only a meal but can feel good about supporting the American dream as well.

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