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WE collaborate!  Let’s count the ways…

  1. Great Sales Team to work with you.
  2. Customized Marketing Tools
  3. Creative Presentations for your clients
  4. Training that will make you a specialist selling luxury STAR JETS INTERNATIONAL
  5. Over 5,000 domestic aircraft and 15,000 worldwide luxury aircraft


We are all about you the Travel Community and are happy to create custom, white label marketing pieces.
After customization you can then email them to your clients and potential customers.
Here is a list of sample pieces:

  • Safety is flying Private Luxury Jets
  • Why Flying Private Luxury Jet is Easy, Safe and Fast
  • Luxury Jets and Pets
  • Vacationing with Family – flying Luxury Jets
  • Flying Private Luxury Jets & Vacationing Close to Home
  • Private Jets and Golf
  • Private Jets and Villa or Yacht Rentals
  • Private Jets are Safe, Convenient and Fast for your Executives.
  • Groups are prefect for Private Jet Travel!
  • SAMPLES HERE: All customizable for you.


We also know what your luxury clients are expecting from you and we are here to assist.

Once we have your quotes ready, we will ask if you would like us to prepare a presentation you can send to your client. Some of you will simply want the type of Luxury Jet and the price.  We understand that too.

We are prepared to send you a Customized agency/agent proposal that is professional with all the information you need to present to your client. We include pictures of your Luxury Jet options, outside and inside, deposit, cancellation, and payments and how to secure the JET CHOICE.

We can send this to you via a power point presentation, slack slides via google or via a link through we transfer.


  • Webinars are available.
  • Selling STAR JETS INTERNATIONAL can earn more money.
  • HOW the successful agents are selling STAR JETS INTERNATIONAL!
  • What are the hot destinations?
  • What else are they selling in combination with luxury jets?
  • Where are they getting their customers?
  • Increase your sales and income by selling STAR JETS INTERNATIONAL.

We are HERE to assist you.

We want YOU to be part of the continued growth – let us show you how!

For Immediate Assistance Call Us

Colleen Conley, Vice President – Global Travel Markets, STAR JETS INTERNATIONAL


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