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Star Jet International: Private Plane Charter Has Never Been So Easy

You might think of a private plane charter as a luxury a few can afford. However, you get so much when you decide to take your flight into your own hands. Well, not literally — a pilot will still be controlling the plane, but everything else is up to you. When you decide to go for a private plane charter, you are getting a traveling experience like no other!

Star Jet International: Who We Are and What We Offer

If you’re tired of the lack of private plane rental options available on the market and the complicated membership demands in private aviation, then you’re just like us! Star Jet International was founded by people who were frustrated with the complicated process of a private plane charter. So, we decided it’s time to bring about a big change in the private plane charter industry! Namely, we started a company that has you, the client, in mind, not a board of directors of some large corporation.

Star Jet International is here for all your private plane charter needs! Whether you need a long-range jet to take your entire family on a vacation or a light jet for a couple of important clients, we’re here for you. And if you’re not sure where you want to go, but you know you’re ready for a trip, don’t worry. We also have a private plane charter destinations guide you can check out. Skiing in Aspen, summering in the Hamptons, seeing the best films of the year in Cannes — the possibilities are endless!

Cost of a Private Plane Charter

Finally, you might be interested in a private plane charter but you would like to know what the cost is. Naturally, the price will depend on the distance of your chosen location and the type of aircraft you need. For instance, you can get a turboprop jet for as low as $1, 800/hr. On the other hand, very light jets’ prices range from $2, 800 to $3, 200. And if you’d like to go big, the cost of ultra-long jets goes from $7, 500 to $12, 500/hr.


So, as you can see, getting a private plane charter has never been easier! Don’t lose your precious time trying to work out the mileage you need to become a member of private aviation clubs. Reach out to Star Jet internationals for a free quote and we’ll make sure you get a private plane charter that covers all your flying needs!

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