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Does a Private Jet to Hawaii Go Through a Security Process?

Security protocols while using a commercial aircraft can be very frustrating. However, with a private jet to Hawaii from Star Jets International, you don’t have to follow through the rigorous process of joining a long, crowded security line. Instead, we allow our private jet customers to enjoy a relaxing and comfortable air-flight experience.

What You Can Expect Before the Flight on a Private Plane to Hawaii

Your safety is paramount when flying a private plane to Hawaii. So, most charter companies put in place certain measures to ensure your security before you fly.

Background Checks

Private jet to Hawaii charter companies conduct background checks on passengers and crew members before boarding the airplane. The company can conduct criminal history and other security checks of the crew members to ensure they have a clean record.

Passenger Screening

Before you fly a private jet, you’d be required to provide a valid means of identification. The private jet charter company usually requests government-approved means of identification.

You’ll be required to show the birth certificate of any minor you wish to travel with. A valid passport/travel visa may be needed to fly privately to an international destination.

Luggage Screening

The crew may have to screen your luggage before boarding a private jet charter. This can be done by the security officers using X-ray machines to determine the content of your bags.

However, you may not face any restrictions regarding the size of your luggage when flying privately.


Flying a private jet can’t guarantee you skip customs when landing in an international destination. You must provide all the necessary documents needed for international travel.

You’re also subjected to the rules regarding only allowing things into the country. However, you’ll likely have access to a private custom area rather than joining a long queue with others.

Book a Private Jet to Hawaii at Star Jets International

We offer the best private plane to Hawaii charter deals at Star Jets International. Apart from our affordable private jet rental packages, we also take pride in providing excellent services.

For instance, we prioritize your safety before and during the flight. We ensure that all the security measures are in place for a successful flight.

At Star Jets International, we have air ambulances for emergency evacuation of disaster victims. You can also purchase a private jet from us or let us manage your own.

We’re also open to all inquiries concerning the industry and ensure you get the best advice. Contact us today for your next private jet to Hawaii.


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