Private Charter Benefits

The benefits of flying on a Private Jet Charter are plenty, while there are no disadvantages. The benefits offer saving time, increased safety, greater convenience, better comfort, avoid airport hassles, control passengers around you, increased privacy, catering of preferred foods, increased productivity and the ability to take along luggage, small cargo, pets.

The usual higher price as compared to 1st Class tickets quickly decreases and disappears as more people fly on the same Flight.

Let's examine the details:

Potential Cost Advantages

It is recognized by all that a Private Charter expenditure for 1 person will always be higher than a 1st Class Ticket. However when a group is traveling, a Private Charter can be equivalent or sometime even lower than 1st Class Air Fare, since the cost of a Private Charter is for the entire Aircraft, not just 1 seat. If a convenient Empty Leg flight is available, the cost usually is even lower than Commercial 1st Class tickets with all the added benefits and conveniences of the Private Charter.

Increased Safety both on the ground and in-flight.

Private Charter Flights utilize Private Airports and access to the airport and boarding procedures are widely different. Private Airports have a lot fewer passengers transiting through, the staff frequently knows most of the passengers already and therefore offer less rigorous, more customized security procedures. At many Private Airports passengers drive right up  to the airplane, are checked by the pilot if they are unfamiliar to the crew and board in minutes. Since all the passengers fly at the discretion of the person in charge of the charter or owns the airplane, one is never at a risk of someone causing problems on board. Safety in-flight also enables you to direct the flight to a different airport or change the routing if weather or ground conditions change unexpectedly.

Better Comfort

Enhanced comfort is available from the time you take the few steps from your vehicle to the steps leading up to your Private Charter cabin. Your seat offers endless comfort by its size and the space around it, the ability to sit, recline or use a large surface table and be able to listen to music, watch video, make phone calls, use the Web, etc. Access to the lavatory is unlimited and you don't have to wait in line to use it. Your pets can accompany you on-board, your luggage of any reasonable size without weight limitations is loaded and unloaded in minutes and safely tucked near you, never to be lost or misdirected to another destination.

Time Savings

Private Charters make time savings available for the traveler both en-route, to and from airport ground transportation, as well as personal time outside of working hours. Private Charters are always the most direct route to save flight time without having to incur delays resulting from having to change flights & planes, in addition to the wait time involved at airports doing so. Private flyers are able to visit many more locations in 1 day than would be possible using commercial flights and can easily land and takeoff from many private airports that will always be much closer to the desirable departure or destination locations, thus once again saving ground transportation delays. With such targeted flight routes, the executive can visit the locations he/she needs to visit with minimal time wasted, arrive refreshed for business and relaxed for family time after the flight.

Greater Convenience

Boarding a Private Charter is only the beginning of a lot of extra conveniences of a Private Charter Flight and is due to the smaller size or the airports and fewer passengers at Private Airports. Once on board conveniences never cease, starting with the selection of your seat, easy access to the lavatory, having full control of entertainment options, not being bothered by unwanted obtrusive conversations, endless chatter of nearby passengers or crying babies, etc. Private Flights allow you to conduct meetings in full confidence, since you control who is on board.

Control Tight Schedules

Executives traveling on Private Charters are in full control of their tight schedules and are unlikely to incur delays or surprises, as they will never experience flight cancellations, late arrivals, lost or misdirected luggage or ground transportation delays.

No Lost or Delayed Baggage

Private flyers often transport critical equipment or supplies needed at the time of arrival for presentations, testing, repairs or other activities to be performed at destination upon arrival. On Private Charters you watch your baggage loaded and unloaded on your flight and can be sure it's never lost, mis-routed or damaged enabling you to be ready for your intended activities.