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1. Aircraft Types, Makes & Models Available for Private Charters:

  • Helicopters

    • A helicopter, or chopper, is a type of rotorcraft in which lift and thrust are supplied by rotors. This allows the helicopter to take off and land vertically, to hover, and to fly forward, backward, and laterally.
    • Helicopters are used to fly to and from locations without an airport, as helicopters don’t require runways, being able to take off and land vertically, making them suitable to fly into cities and land atop buildings or land in an open space anywhere. Some localities require special permits for helicopter landing pads.
    • Helicopters are suitable for short flights where airports aren’t convenient, to get around traffic jams or congestion and provide transportation to hospitals or remote undeveloped locations.
    • Helicopters tend to be noisier and fly less smoothly than other aircraft, but serve their purpose for designated mission short trips.
  • Turbo-Props

    • Turboprop aircraft have 1 or 2 gas-turbine engines driving propellers.
    • Turboprop airplanes are larger than piston aircraft and can fly at a higher altitude, of up to 35,000 ft. They are ideal for flights of 600-1000 miles at lower operating costs than private jets.
    • Turboprop planes can carry more passengers and cargo than small jets are also able to land at shorter runways than jets. Turboprops can accommodate 6 - 8 passengers in comfort, with a few larger models able to fly 30 people or more.
  • Very Light Jets - VLJs

    • A Very Light Jet (VLJ) is smaller than most private jets and are frequently used as Air Taxis.
    • They have 4-6 seats in a small high-class cabin, offering limited baggage space and no lavatory or galley and a flight range up to 1,000 nm.
    • VLJs are frequently considered "personal jets".
  • Light Jets

    • Light jets typically have a flight range of up-to 2,425 nautical miles, depending on passenger & cargo loads.
    • These aircraft can carry up-to 7 passengers with moderate cargo loads with comfortable reclining seats, a small galley and belted lavatory,\
    • The industry definition of "light jet" includes all business jets up to 20,000 lbs. maximum takeoff weight.
  • Super Light Jets

    • Super Light jets typically have a flight range of up-to 2,425 nautical miles, depending on passenger & cargo loads.
    • These aircraft can carry up-to 7 passengers with moderate cargo loads with comfortable reclining seats, a small galley and belted lavatory,\
    • The industry definition of "light jet" includes all business jets up to 20,000 lbs. maximum takeoff weight.
  • Midsize Jets

    • Mid-size jets offer a range of 4-5 hours of non-stop flight time with a range of 2,800 nautical miles. Some mid-size jets feature non-stop coast to coast flights, while others may need a refueling stop.
    • These aircraft feature elegant club style side-by-side seating, with swivel, recline and track seating, to accommodate 7-9 passengers comfortably. In-cabin noise levels are low, offering a quiet flight.
    • The cabin heights are about 5 & a half feet, with clear headroom for some passengers. Cabin width is about 5 feet & 9 inches, while cabin length is typically 17 – 21 feet.
  • Super Midsize Jets

    • The super mid-size private jet aircraft is designed for long-range travel for transcontinental flights at a competitive price.
    • Designed up to 10 passengers, traveling at 500-600 miles per hour with a typical flight range of 3,500 miles, or 5 to 8 hours of non-stop flight. These aircraft are the fastest, and most fuel efficient for extended journeys, offering luxurious seating to fly from Miami to Los Angeles non-stop.
    • Super Mid private aircraft offer high performing non-stop coast to coast and some intercontinental flights, ranging from 5 to 8 hours with fuel reserves and reach up-to 3,500 nautical miles.
    • With a high-speed cruise from 450 knots, these jets are preferred for long distance non-stop flights.
    • Some newer models compare to commercial jets related to speed and range and able to fly intercontinental, offering high performance and luxury with low operating costs.
  • Heavy Jets

    • Heavy private jets are larger private aircraft offering spacious and luxurious accommodations with a flight range of up to 7,000 nautical miles to be able to fly between continents non-stop in comfort and style
    • Heavy jets have spacious luxurious interiors, well suited for business travel, professional athletes or extended families able to fly 12-18 passengers and sometimes include a sleeping quarter.
    • Heavy jets provide stand-up headroom in the cabins, able to accommodate lie-flat beds, enclosed bathrooms and arrangements for a flight attendant on board.
    • Heavy Jets are defined as executive jet aircraft with over 1,000 cubic feet of cabin space, a cabin height of over six feet. Cabin width varies from seven to over eight feet, with cabin length from 28 to 50 feet.
    • With flight range of 7 to 9 hours, Heavy Jets are designed for longer-range flights such as New York to Paris with cabin amenities of WiFi Internet, private lavatory, PlayStation video games, satellite phone, cabin attendant and a full galley.
  • Ultra Long Range Jets

    • The ultra long-range private aircraft are the largest models with a flight range of over 5,400 nautical miles.
    • These aircraft are the fastest in civil aviation, and are equipped with ever-advancing state-of-the-art navigation, safety and avionics technology.
    • At a flight altitude of 50,00 feet or higher, these aircraft can operate at a service ceiling well above the busy flight zones that most other aircraft use and thereby avoid turbulence for a smoother in-flight experience.
    • Since passengers more time on these long range jets, they are equipped with the most comfortable interiors and the most advanced, up-to-date on-board technologies. Multi-media and business facilities are standard, as well as space for custom seating configurations, with bedrooms for overnight flights, and/or conference table & seats for business flights.
  • Jumbo or Business Jets

    • A wide-body or Jumbo aircraft, is a jet airliner with a typical fuselage diameter of 16 to 20 ft.  The largest wide-body aircraft are over 20 ft wide and are able to accommodate most types of private luxury accommodations, like private bedroom suites, large living or entertainment suites, conference table & chairs arrangements, bathrooms with bathtubs, or practically any custom configurations desired by the owner of the aircraft.
    • Wide-body aircraft were originally designed for a combination of efficiency and passenger comfort and to increase the amount of cargo space. Wide-body aircraft are also used for the transport of commercial freight and cargo and other special uses.
    • The biggest wide-body aircraft are known as jumbo jets due to their very large size; like the Boeing 747, Airbus A380, and new Boeing 777X. The phrase "jumbo jet" derives from Jumbo, a circus elephant in the 19th century.


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