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Monte Carlo is a prime Private Jet destination

in the coastal town of the Principality of Monaco, the smaller neighbor to the French Riviera on the Cote-d’Azur. While Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, only to the Vatican, it has plenty of luxury, indulgence and entertainment to offer. When it comes to chartering a private flight for getaway, if it’s good enough for celebrity-turned-royalty Grace Kelly, it’s good enough for us.

Most Luxurious Monte Carlo Hotel Suite

Hotel Hermitage Monte-Carlo is the epitome and luxury and glamour, which is the air you want when staying in Monaco. Half of the guestrooms and suites overlook the Mediterranean but the one to book is suite 062/063. It is the only suite with a balcony with outdoor jacuzzi. The view overlooks Monaco Harbor, with its plethora of oversized yachts and the Palace where the principality’s royal family resides.

Hardest to Get Monte Carlo Dining Table

Le Louis XV is known to be one of the best restaurants in Monaco and rightfully so. The chef Alain Ducasse combination of French fare and Mediterranean flare will leave any foodie wanting to return to this three Michelin star restaurant. It’s impressive to note Ducasse has resided at Le Louis XV for 30 years. He renovated the space just two years ago in 2015. Expect a massive wine collection (not surprising), farmer’s market ingredients and pre-fix menus.

Le Louis XV is located in the Hotel de Paris.

Exclusive Monte Carlo Experience Money CAN Buy

Indulge in a private rooftop champagne toast and dessert offering overlooking the famous GRAND Casino. After a glass – or two – of bubbly, try your luck at the table games in the Casino de Monte-Carlo whose doors have been open since 1863. The extravagant and iconic facade welcomes you with more than a few Bentleys, Aston Martins and the like parked just outside the front entrance. Once inside, make way through the marble atrium and into the vast, ornate playing floor. But instead of playing in public, reserve a VIP lounge where your experience will be private and customized to your preferences.

Only in Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo – and Monaco at large – is a unique destination offering history and culture equally as rich as its luxurious experiences. Actress Grace Kelly famously married Prince Rainier III, thus becoming Princess of Monaco in 1956. While a tad morbid for some, Hollywood and royalty enthusiasts can visit the monument marking where Princess Kelly’s car drove off the road, leading to her untimely death. Do so on your drive to Eze, a hilltop commune that sits over 1,000 feet above sea level. Wander down the stone pathways and through the gardens of this medieval village. There are also shops, galleries and restaurants to enjoy.

Hottest Monte Carlo Local Spot

Another part of Monaco’s heritage, the annual Monaco Grand Prix started in 1929 and has continued every May ever since. The set up hugs the coastline and is one of the most difficult Formula One courses in the world. Plus, it packs a ton of prestige given its location and crowd it draws year after year. Spectators not only fill the stands but pull up their yachts to watch from the water. Locals, royalty and foreigners flock as the city quite literally shuts down its streets.

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