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The Greek Islands are a desirable Private Jet destination

for the summer, which means sand, sun and suntanning in the sand. Is that just us? No, we didn’t think so. It’s the time of year when you take holiday in arguably some of the most beautiful destinations in the world. For ease of travel, fly a private jet mid-size for comfort for your whole party and luxury while in the air. Land in the Greek Islands for a single stay or a multi-island getaway.

There are 6,000 Greek Islands but before you get overwhelmed, only 227 are inhabited, which narrows down your selection juuuust a bit. Here we zoom in on four islands: ever-famous and trending with the jet set, Mykonos; where history meets nightlife, Paros; quiet Mediterranean beach dream, Antiparos, and where you can find a pine forest, Skiathos.

Most Luxurious Greek Islands Hotel Suite

Sprinkled throughout the islands are White Key Villas, the brand to stay with when traveling through Greece. White Keys has villas in dozens of destinations here, which makes planning a multi-island getaway even more appealing. (As if it wasn’t appealing enough!)

We love these four islands because White Keys has villas on each, ensuring for a luxurious, private stay with consistent service and quality. Book one of the newest in the collection, Villa Sonata in Antiparos. Enjoy the large infinity pool looking down on paved paths to the rocky edge of the sea. The villa is fitting for up to 14 (very lucky) guests.

Villa Libra in Skiathos is your private seaside getaway. The massive windowed walls slide open to reveal the Mediterranean in your living room and dining areas. A few minutes’ walk will get you to your private beach, if you’re able to convince yourself to leave the plush lounges poolside. You’ll also be enjoying meals prepared just for you by your private chef.

Hardest to Get Greek Islands Dinner Table

Lolo’s is an island landmark in Antiparos. Get ready to wait as everyone knows about this place and it’s authentic Italian pizza.  (Yes, Italian food while in Greece.) Lunch time is busy, evening is busy, and the only thing guaranteed aside from the worth-the-wait food is…the wait itself. So line up, and when it’s your turn, dig in.

Soso, in Paros, is a tiny restaurant located down a cobblestone street in the harbor village of Naoussa. The quaint location is contrasted with bold Greek dishes. The restaurant’s owner, Soso, has become well known through Paros for her traditional Greek plates with modern touches.

Exclusive Greek Isles Experience Money CAN Buy

In Antiparos, journey back in time by visiting The Sanctuary of Apollo. The Sanctuary of Apollo dates to the 6th century BCE and is the second largest archaic cult site in the Cyclades. Take a private boat ride and site visit with the site’s archaeologist. This is one truly exclusive insider’s view not only into this ancient sanctuary of one famed God but into history itself.

Shop Here: Only in the Greek Islands

Mykonos is synonymous with luxury, high fashion and celebrity appeal. So, while on the island, shop for something that will make you feel famous and help you hold on to that feeling after you’ve jetted back home. Greece has two authorities when it comes to fine jewelry: Georgios & Co. and LALAoUNIS. Georgios & Co. lives and breathes its Greek roots, with its rich history and breathtaking surroundings. The diamond, gemstone and gold jewelry attest to that. LALAoUNIS’ gold pieces are strikingly reminiscent of would adorn a Goddess. The richly detailed, hand made cuffs and earrings make it hard to chose just one.

Hottest Greek Isles Local Spot

Nammos, on the beach in Mykonos, is a must for the jetset crowd. If you’re looking for a party – and chances are, if you’re here, you are – Nammos is the place. The loud music and attractive crowd will have you dancing through the night and into the Mediterranean morning. Nammos is also the restaurant for fresh seafood, local and organic ingredients.

For a night out in Skiathos, head to the Old Port. It’s a picturesque setting with a plethora of bars and restaurants and an attractive crowd. After ordering a drink and bites, find a spot on one of the many pillow-filled stairways. This is the true meaning of alfresco!

For a something a bit more low key local, wonder the little restaurants and bars of Naoussa, Paros. The harbor village is also home to Santa Maria Beach where you can stake claim to one of the straw umbrellas and pair of chaises for the day.

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