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As your private charter jet descends onto St. Tropez,

a sea of yachts will welcome you to this glam destination in the French Riviera. What was once a quiet fishing village is no longer thanks to a lively nightlife scene and the most perfect of Mediterranean beaches. This Cote d’Azur hot spot will surely please with its famous hotels, villas and of course, French wines.

Most Luxurious St. Tropez Hotel Suite

50 is the magic number (read on to see why) when it comes to St. Tropez. A gem can be found in Hotel Byblos, a five-star property nestled in the village. Byblos is small in size – with only 91 rooms and suites – but grand in presentation and service. The hotel is celebrating its 50th anniversary with partnerships with the likes of luxury brands Goyard, Missoni and Bentley. So now your stay will be even the more luxurious.

Here’s what to know: book your stay in the La Villa Capilla which actually isn’t at the hotel but a stand alone villa a few kilometers/mile or so from the main property. The neutral hued decor creates a relaxed and natural atmosphere, allowing the real scenery out your French doors leave the lasting impression: gaze out to the lush landscape and on to the Mediterranean Sea. Enjoy 24/7 service, private pool and separate studio for those with whom you want to retreat but don’t want to share more than your charter.

Hardest to Get St. Tropez Dinner Table

Le Club 55. Situated on Pampelonne Beach and dotting the sand with rows of white umbrellas, Le Club 55 is a long-standing venue of St. Tropez. Two natives started it all back in 1955 with family-style lunches served during filming of a Brigitte Bardot movie. Its reputation upholds that of an always-pleasing meal (fancy a fish dish, anyone?). While there are plenty of chaises, lunch ressies can be hard to snag, especially around that midday golden hour when the sun is high and everyone needs a mimosa. Celeb and socialite sightings are to be expected.

Exclusive St. Tropez Experience Money CAN Buy

Wine tasting with Thierry Derbez. Derbez is a landscape gardener by trade, just has his parents before him. His cellar is the most exclusive private wine cellar in all of France and is home to over 35,000 bottles. He very selectively and exclusively hosts tastings of his worldly and rare collection. But of course, it’s possible an a must for any wine connoisseur visiting St. Tropez.

A tad less exclusive than a tasting in Derbez’s own cellar: Da Vini Code, his wine store. The store is open for tastings and sales each month on guessed it..twentieth.

Shop here: Only in St. Tropez

L’espadrille Tropézienne. The French are known for fashion so when in St. Tropez’s make sure you look the part by shopping where it’s hot. This includes L’espadrille Tropézienne. These flat slip on espadrilles were founded in St. Tropez and are hand crafted here also. Not only will you look on trend, but you’ll have a fun memory of you trip to wear home too.

Hottest St. Tropez Local Spot

Opulent. Extravagant. Indulgent. Celeb-ridden. And 50 years young this year. Les Caves du Roy is going to be the place to party, whether you’re pulling up your yacht, flying in on your private charter or are a local ready to party. Not much has been released on the 50th anniversary bash but we’re betting it’ll be every bit of what Les Caves du Roy has been known for since 1967. The club is currently closed, preparing for the 50th anniversary reveal. Keep an eye on social: Facebook, Instagram, you know the drill, and use those insider sources to stay up to date on the details.

Note: Also check out the Suites of the Roy at Hotel Byblos.

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