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For clients who fly more than once in a while,

Star Jets International offers 3 types of Skycards, the Debit SkyCard, the 25 Hour SkyCard and the CustomSkycard. 

The Skycard Program works like a debit card

in denominations of $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 and $1,000,000.  The Skycard Program offers you the flexibility to change your aircraft for every individual trip.  By having the ability to change your aircraft for your different trips, Star Jets International subsequently will save you a tremendous amount of money.  One day you have a meeting for 6 people in Washington DC and another day you are taking a golf trip to Dublin with 12 people.  The Skycard Program will save you about 40 – 50% on fractional ownership and other program rates.

Our other option, is the 25 Hour Skycard. 

This Skycard comes in fixed hourly rates.  We offer a Hawker 400XP for a light jet, a Hawker 800XP for a midsize jet, A Citation X for a super midsize jet, a Challenger 601/604 for a standard heavy jet, and a Gulfstream IV for a premium heavy jet. 

We also have access to other aircraft if you are interested and can custom tailor a SkyCard Program for you, such as 20 round trips from New York to West Palm Beach.

Please call for more information on our different SkyCard Programs.

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