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Ultra Long Range Heavy Jets


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Heavy private jets are larger private aircraft

offering spacious and luxurious accommodations with a flight range of up to 7,000 nautical miles to be able to fly between continents non-stop in comfort and style.

Heavy jets have spacious luxurious interiors,

well suited for business travel, professional athletes or extended families able to fly 12-18 passengers and sometimes include a sleeping quarter. Heavy jets provide stand-up headroom in the cabins, able to accommodate lie-flat beds, enclosed bathrooms and arrangements for a flight attendant on board.

Heavy Jets are defined as executive jet aircraft

with over 1,000 cubic feet of cabin space, a cabin height of over six feet. Cabin width varies from seven to over eight feet, with cabin length from 28 to 50 feet.  With flight range of 7 to 9 hours, Heavy Jets are designed for longer-range flights such as New York to Paris with cabin amenities of WiFi Internet, private lavatory, PlayStation video games, satellite phone, cabin attendant and a full galley.

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