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Super Midsize Jets


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The super mid-size private jet aircraft

is designed for long-range travel for transcontinental flights at a competitive price. Designed up to 10 passengers, traveling at 500-600 miles per hour with a typical flight range of 3,500 miles, or 5 to 8 hours of non-stop flight. These aircraft are the fastest, and most fuel efficient for extended journeys, offering luxurious seating to fly from Miami to Los Angeles non-stop.

Super Mid private aircraft offer high performing

non-stop coast to coast and some intercontinental flights, ranging from 5 to 8 hours with fuel reserves and reach up-to 3,500 nautical miles. With a high-speed cruise from 450 knots, these jets are preferred for long distance non-stop flights.  Some newer models compare to commercial jets related to speed and range and able to fly intercontinentally, offering high performance and luxury with low operating costs.

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