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Private Charter Flight Broker Company

Who we are

Star Jets International was started by executives who were frustrated with the high cost of fractional ownership, the lack of private plane options in the marketplace and the membership gimmicks offered in private aviation. Fractional Ownership programs and other membership programs benefit aircraft owners to keep their planes in the air. Star Jets International works for you, the client, and not the aircraft owner to secure the BEST AIRCRAFT at the BEST VALUE.

We look forward to hearing from you and impressing you with outstanding service, knowledge of the industry and unlimited aircraft solutions!
Private Charter Flight Broker Company

What we offer

We also offer the most FLEXIBILITY in the private aviation marketplace by giving you the option to change your aircraft for your specific needs on each individual flight. One day you might be traveling with 14 people to the South of France for a summer trip and another day you might have a business trip for 4 people to visit manufacturing facilities or real estate projects. Whatever the need, we will secure the best private plane at the best price and offer you multiple options as well.

Sky Card

Offering Three Types of SKY CARD Programs

Traditional SKYCARD

Comes in denominations of $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, $500,000 or $1,000,000. This program works like a debit card. We offer you access to 14,000 worldwide aircraft and the flexibility to change your aircraft for whatever your specific needs are.

Traditional SKYCARD

Offers you the ability to fly on the same type of aircraft all the time. We offer a Light Jet – Hawker 400XP, a Midsize Jet – Hawker 800XP, a Super Midsize Jet – Citation X, a Heavy Jet – Challenger 601/604, a Premium Heavy Jet – Gulfstream IV and a Long-Range Heavy Jet – GV / Global 600.

Traditional SKYCARD

For clients who frequently fly the same route, Star Jets International can customize the private jet experience for you. For example: If you live in the New York Area and have a house in Palm Beach Florida, we can customize a 20 trip package back and forth on a specific aircraft, such as a Hawker 400XP or Hawker 800XP, for a fixed price. Please let us know if you would like to discuss.

We are also happy to accommodate other requests you might have, such as a Helicopter card, or a hybrid card or more hours. We are the most competitive in the industry.

Available Services

  • Family Vacations (Caribbean, Ski Destinations, Europe)
  • Business Trips
  • Multiple Destination
  • Concerts / Tours
  • The Flexibility To Change Your Aircraft For Your Specific Needs On Every Trip

Family Vacations (Caribbean, Ski Destinations, Europe)

  •  Business Trips
  •  Multiple Destinations
  •  Concerts / Tours
  •  Road Shows
  •  Air Cargo For Everything Including Art And Valuables
  •  Air Ambulance / Medical Emergencies
  •  Jumbo Jet Charters
  •  Helicopter Charters
  •  Aircraft Sales
  •  Aircraft Management
  •  Travel Agents
  •  Concierge Services
  •  Yacht Charters


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