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Private Travel Customer Loyalty


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Private Travel Customer Loyalty

My Exprience

I’ve been in the private jet business for over fifteen years. It’s safe to say I’m pretty well known in the industry of luxury travel and among elite fliers. New clients find me either online or through referrals. Mostly it’s clients who mention their experience with Star Jets to a friend or a friend is looking for a reliable service.

Customer Loyalty

I have an extremely loyal clientele base. It’s an exclusive who’s who. These are people who are not looking for a local charter or the fly by night guy. They’re looking for experience in the industry and the reliability and knowledge that can’t come otherwise. Star Jets books private aviation for family or business travel. We have two things: knowledge and access. We know what type of aircraft you’re getting. We take safety and security seriously, from both an aircraft and pilot perspective. I wouldn’t put anyone on an aircraft I wouldn’t put myself and – even more importantly – my family on. Trust is a huge part of my business. People come to me because they trust me.

What you get from Star Jets Int.

When you go with Star Jets, you get me, which means my experience, industry relationships, and personalized service. To narrow it down into a few words, I’d say we have the best pricing on the best equipment. That you can trust. Any jet. Any time. Anywhere. Taking off, Ricky

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