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How to win in the casino Australia and what is the advantage of the bank?

How to win in the casino Australia and what is the advantage of the bank?

Anyone who has ever dealt with the topic of casinos, whether arcade, casino or one of the modern counterparts on the Internet, will certainly ask themselves how you can actually win there. Stubbornly holds the myth that the bank always wins. But why is this so and is there possibly a spark of truth in this myth? We have gone to the bottom of the topic once more.

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The bank always wins

But what is there to the myth? Basically, casinos and casinos, including the slot machines in gaming arcades and on the net, are subject to certain structures and processes according to which the winnings are paid out. With the card and table games, however, it is somewhat different, because here often not only luck, but also skill is decisive. Roulette is a particularly interesting candidate for this -

Slots and video slots

If you browse through providers such as and search for machines, you will quickly find out that some machines seem to throw off more winnings than others. This is true, but in many cases the personal experience is less representative. The payout rate is always stated in the slot or game safe online gambling sites itself. Usually the value here is between 90% and 98%. That is, with an RTP, the value for the payout, of 98% and a stake of 100 euros, you statistically get 98 euros back. In addition, player protection measures also come into play with the machines.

However, you can see right away that the bank, i.e. the casino makes a profit of 2 euros. That doesn't sound like much, but it adds up with many players or worse payout rates. This is called the house advantage. This is how casinos make their money. So for slots, it's proven that the bank always wins. Big wins count more as an exception, but are still included in this calculation.

Card games and others

Poker is very popular with many players. Here, the winning probabilities and chances are distributed differently. Providers from Europe, especially Malta, have therefore strictly regulated the game. In addition, poker is also a game where you can influence the outcome with skill and experience. Nevertheless, there is also a house advantage. Depending on the set-up, these are either buy-ins or other fees. Because in very few cases does a player sit at the table on behalf of the bank/casino.


Roulette is a little different. Here, the odds are determined by the available betting options and the number of digits and colors in the pot. The ball can only land on one of these numbers and therefore the odds are clear from the start. In European Roulette, the payout is usually 36:1 for a bet on one of the numbers. The house advantage becomes clear here only with the comparison to the American variant. Here the double zero comes into play. The double zero is only present in this variant and shifts the odds in favor of the house bank. Here the chance of winning is 37:1, which means that you win more if you bet correctly, but the odds are worse. Thus, the bank secures an additional advantage here.

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