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Casino punters in Russia want to be identified for taxes

Casino punters in Russia want to be identified for taxes

Casino punters in Russia want to be identified for taxes According to the TASS publishing house, the State Duma recently approved a bill in its first reading that would provide for the identification of casino punters.wild card city casino australia This is done so that the tax authorities can track winnings and collect tax from them. It is not proposed to identify everyone at the entrance. It would be done at the cash register when a punter exchanges chips for cash. Under the bill, at the cashier at the issuance of money will generate a check, which will be mandatory to fill in the data about the punter. In addition to the name and surname, passport data or TIN will be needed. On this topic, gambling Vegas allowed to open on June 4. Then the casinos will send the information to the tax authorities, which will be able to find out who and how much they owe tax on income from winnings. And that's 13%. Not much, but for those who are used to picking up the amount in full, the news is not pleasant. One thing punters can be happy about is that as of Jan. 1, 2020, winnings are counted under the new rules. While everything you took out of the casino used to count as winnings, now you have to deduct the money you spent to buy chips from that amount, which is fair enough. But that doesn't mean that the innovations will take effect any time soon. The bill has to pass the second reading, where amendments to the document will be considered, and then on the third reading it will be decided whether to pass the law or not.wildcardcity

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