Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Who owns the private aircraft used by Star Jets Intl. charter?

Private charter jet aircraft are owned by corporations or individuals who do not utilize the aircraft all the time and make it available for private charters either directly or through a private aircraft management company. The private aircraft owner or management company makes the airplane available for private jet flights to reduce ownership costs. Private charters are arranged by charter brokers like Star Jets Intl.

How safe are private jet charter flights?

The private aviation industry operates under the same high FAA safety standards as commercial aviation and is regulated by the same federal agency. Private charter jets are specifically regulated by FAA Part 135 and due to tighter control of passengers has no risk of terrorism or hostile acts.

What is an empty-leg flight?

An empty-leg is a one-way flight that is the unused portion of a one-way trip paid-for by another customer either a return to home-base or the initial flight to pick-up passengers for their trip. Empty-legs are one-way trips available at a cost lower than a private charter for the same mission since they are only available for a limited flight route on a limited for flight schedule.

Can I book individual open seats on charter flights?

Unlike commercial flights, private charters are only available for the entire aircraft for a specific mission, rather than an individual seat. Privacy and the control of all travelers on a flight is the reason for chartering a private flight.

What are typical private charter costs?

Private charter costs depend on multiple factors (distance to be flown, aircraft needed for the number of passengers, desired luxury and amenities, cost of fuel, supply and demand for flights at time of mission). The broker arranging for the flight has to apply a markup to the costs available from the aircraft owner. Brokers, like Star Jets Intl., having the best long-term business relationships with owners are able to offer charter clients significant savings by offering low markups on top of lower costs than other brokers for the same trips.

Who chooses the aircraft used for private flights?

The best private charter brokers, like Star jets Intl. offer their clients multiple aircraft options and highlight the differences between them to enable the client to make the best choice for their flight based on flight distance, number of passengers, amount of luggage and desired features or luxury and amenities.

What is the best time to book a charter flight?

The best time to reserve a private flight is as soon as you know the full details of your mission to enable your broker to find you the best deal available in the charter marketplace by having as much lead time as possible. The more time we have, the better deal we can offer you by being able to negotiate the best costs from multiple owners. In most cases we can secure a private flight on only 4 hour notice, but due to short lead times, we may not be able to do much negotiations nor find much availabilities of aircraft for your mission. During high holidays or special events (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve, the Superbowl, Olympics, Wimbledon, Inaugurations, etc.) it may be more difficult to find the desirable flight or an acceptable price due to extreme marketplace demand.

What are payment options for charter flights?

Most charter brokers accept payment by wire transfer or credit card prior to departure. Star Jets Intl. also accepts payment by SkyCard and Bitcoin.

How much does a private flight cost per passenger?

Chartering a private jet gives you the benefit of the entire aircraft including seats and cargo space, thus the cost per passenger which sometimes is used as a comparison to First Class commercial air fares, gets much more competitive as the number of flyers increases on any given flight.

Where can private jets land?

Private flights can utilize the far larger number of private airports as compared to commercial airports around the World. In the US, there are around 5,000 private airports as compared to about 500 commercial ones, making your take-offs and landings much closer to your original departure and destination points on the ground.  The Worldwide ratio varies country-by-country, but generally the same ratio holds true everywhere.

Do private jets land in public airports?

Landing or taking off at commercial airports is generally more expensive for private jets than utilizing private airport, so private flyers only chose this option in emergencies or when private airports are inconvenient for some reason.

Can itinerary or routes be changed before or during a trip?

Routes or itineraries can be changed, however this may incur a change in the costs of the flights, depending on the details of the change. Star Jets Intl. private flight brokers will negotiate on your behalf with the aircraft owner/operator to figure out what impact the changes will have for the cost of the fligh.

How many seats are on a private charter jet aircraft?

The number of seats varies by type of aircraft you book, keeping in mind that generally light jets have a capacity of 6 passengers, mid-size jets up to 10 passengers and heavy jets up to 18 passengers. These capacity estimates vary according to the particular aircraft configuration, since couches, sleeping beds, dining and conference configurations reduce the number of regular seats. Your Star Jets Intl. private flight concierge will work to find you the best configuration for your trip preferences.

Are there trip cancellation fees?

Since cancelling a trip forces the owner/operator to have to seek another client to pay for the availability of the private aircraft, there are cancellation fees involved if you cancel a flight. The sooner you cancel the flight, and much earlier than the departure date, the lower the cancellation fees can be since the aircraft can most likely be chartered again by another client. Cancellation fees and arrangements are clearly spelled out in Star Jets Intl. contracts, as well as in most other charter arrangements.

Where does one board a private charter flight?

At private airports flights are boarded at the facilities of the local Fixed base Operator (FBO). These small facilities are generally accessible behind a guarded parking lot gate and offer a small lounge for waiting to board your private flight. There is no TSA security procedure, only a check of your passenger's identities and a security check by the pilot depending on the destination and other trip details.  At some private airport you may even be able to drive right up to then steps of your airplane and be checked in by your private pilot or crew. Boarding a private flight at a commercial airport requires the normal TSA security check-in followed by proceeding to the private flight boarding gates of the local FBO.

Is ground transportation included in the price of a private charter?

Private charter arrangements can include any travel related services you desire. Our private concierge brokers can bundle supplemental services like ground transportation at departure and destination, hotel or resort bookings, entertainment tickets, baby or pet sitting, catering for the flight and at destination, private security details, tours or shopping excursions, etc. Just tell your private concierge broker what services you would like and they will make the best available arrangements based on their extensive experience and connections with the providers at all your trip stops.

Do private jet travelers need passports or visas?

You need the same travel documents as required on commercial flights, namely passports, visas if required and customs documents when carrying commercial or any special cargo requiring documentation at your destinations.

Private Jet Arrival & Departures?

Private aircraft are ready to take off upon passenger arrival at the Fixed Base Operator (FBO) facility, however late arrivals may incur a fee as it disrupts the flight schedule of the airplane,

How much luggage can you take on a private jet charter?

Private aircraft have different baggage configurations and capacities that determine how much luggage one can take along. Some private aircraft have baggage compartments accessible inside the cabin, others have exterior door for baggage. Your flight reservation concierge will let you know how manu bags your charter aircraft can carry and what bags you can take on board, versus what you can stow in the baggage compartment.

What to expect from luxury private jet travel?

You can expect to travel in a luxurious and comfortable environment with the service and comfort you desire, in addition to total privacy in the company of those you choose to fly with you. Your catered foods will be the items you order along with in-flight entertainment and available Wi-Fi services. Your meals and entertainment will be served at your convenience, not a preset schedule like on commercial flights, with their limited entertainment options.

Is there a private jet food menu?

For short-haul jet charter flights, all aircraft have a selection of premium snacks and refreshments. For long-haul flights, full meals are served according to your requests. Upon demand and at an additional cost, we can provide multi-course gourmet meals with wines and beverages according to your preferences.

Is there a flight attendant on board the private jet charter flight?

Light and mid-sized aircraft will have a flight attendant on request at an extra charge, while heavy aircraft always have an attendant as part of the service.

How many pilots fly the charter jet aircraft?

All flights are flown by two pilots with many years of experience on the specific aircraft flown. For heavy jets on long-haul flights, a second crew can be made available when necessary or requested.

Can you smoke on a private jet charter?

Smoking and on-board pet policies vary and are determined by the aircraft owner, therefore charter requests must specify these details ahead of time to avoid after-the-fact cleaning and damage fees which may be assessed by the owners. We can in most instances find the right aircraft permitting such special requests given advance notice.

What happens at arrival at the charter flight destination?

Upon arrival of your private charter flight you will be met by ground personnel to be escorted inside the exclusive FBO terminal where your luggage will be hand delivered without delay. If special ground services such as limos, car rental, security details, escorts, hotel, resort or restaurant reservations have been requested they will be made available upon arrival and explained by your FBO ground staff in your requested language.

What days and times are Private Charter Brokers available?

Star Jets Intl. private charter concierge brokers are available 24/7/365 to handle your charter flight requests.

Can Star Jets Intl. assist in Acquiring and/or Managing my own Aircraft?

Our private charter brokers know the entire private aviation industry and can assist in buying or selling your private or corporate aircraft. We can assist with all kinds of private aircraft from helicopters, light jets to business jets of all sizes. Call us to discuss your specific needs and desires.

How can I arrange for Supplemental Lift?

Supplemental lift for replacing an aircraft during down-time or maintenance or addition capacity for passengers beyond existing capacities can be made available at any time. Fractional owners sometime need supplemental lift by chartering a flight outside or in addition to their fractional plan capacities.

How is Privacy protected on private charter flights?

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us and therefore all information regarding passenger and charter flight itineraries are confidential to ensure your privacy. Passenger and route details are only shared on a strict need-to-know basis with FBOs en-route and staff involved in planning or executing the trip.

What are Airport Slots?

Airport Slots are the required landing permissions at the destination or en-route refueling airports.

What is the benefit of having a dedicated Air Charter Advisor?

From charter inquiry, reservation details, trip arrangements, price quotes and takeoff to landing you will communicate with your dedicated charter broker Advisor to assist with every detail of your luxury flight.

What differentiates Star Jets Intl. from the many competitors?

Star Jets Intl. was created by Ricky Sitomer who has been a private aviation expert and pioneer since 2001. Ricky co-founded Blue Star Jets, one of the 1st few private charter companies who made the private aviation industry a well-known service by creating new programs and revolutionary marketing. Many private charter brokers were trained at Blue Star Jets to later leave and start their own companies. Ricky founded Star Jets Intl., which recently became a Public Company, specifically to offer the most dedicated and personalized charter service to discriminating clients who want the best service at the best price. Call us to see what we can do for your upcoming private charter flight.

Where is your office located?

Star Jets Intl. is headquartered in New York City with business partners and aircraft owners around the World. We are able to get the best deals on private charter flights by having close business relationships with our partners and working on a low overhead to be able to offer the most competitive prices at the highest levels of personal service. Give us a call to see how we can service your private flight requests!

Who are your private charter clients?

We service the most demanding clientele throughout the world from the best known entertainers, sports celebrities, politicians, moguls of industry and commerce, royalties and people with status and wealth everywhere.

What kind of ground transportation is available at the destination airport?

In most locations we can arrange for Town cars, Stretch limousines, Mercedes Benz SUV’s or armored vehicles based on your needs and preferences.

Can you arrange for tours, hotels, or concierge services?

Based on your specific needs and preferences, we will arrange for all aspects of your private trip, either directly or through our luxury travel partners for all your trip details.

How do I decide on which aircraft is right for me?

Your dedicated charter broker concierge will identify the currently available aircraft most suitable for your mission and provide you the most competitive price quotations for multiple alternatives based upon your preferences and trip schedules based on your group size, flight distance, luggage requirements and service luxury preferences. Your concierge broker will then assist you in selecting a specific aircraft by highlighting and comparing the available alternatives, so you can make the most informed decision.

How much to charter a private jet?

When chartering a private jet, you are paying for all the seats on the aircraft, regardless of how many passengers are on the flight. To compare charter costs to commercial air fares, one needs to take into account the number of passengers that could fly on the aircraft and flight range. When comparing small to medium private aircraft charter costs to commercial First Class airfare, the private charter costs are easily comparable to First Class airfares. On large and heavy private aircraft flying long hauls, the costs will generally exceed commercial airfares. Always keep in mind that chartering a private jet, you are renting the entire aircraft with its full crew during the trip, while paying for the fuel, landing fees and all taxes.

Does bad weather effect private charter flights?

Our first and foremost focus on all our charters is the safety and comfort of our passengers. As a result neither we, nor the pilots, aircraft owners or management companies are willing to take any chances in the event of inclement weather (such as extreme high altitude winds, rough air, turbulence and storms) on departure, en-route and destination is forecasted to be adverse for safe flight conditions. We will monitor weather forecasts along your entire flight plan and communicate with you on possible alternatives for date, time or route changes necessitated by any adverse weather forecasts.  As always the aircraft operator and Pilot in Command have the ultimate decision making power regarding safe takeoff, flight and landing and will do their best to avoid any inclement weather conditions. When adverse conditions are encountered en-route, operators and the pilot will determine the best possible alternative for route or date/time changes required for safety.

How does de-icing planes work?

Aircraft readying for takeoff during extreme cold weather with rain or snow must always clear any ice accumulations on the aircraft fuselage and wing surfaces immediately prior to rolling for takeoff. Airports in cold-zone climates are generally equipped with de-icing vehicles, however if such is unavailable takeoffs will be postponed till the aircraft is free of any ice accumulation.

Do private jets have bathrooms?

Aircraft bathrooms are generally referred-to as lavatories. The configuration depends on the size of the aircraft and varies from a toilet separated by a curtain from the cabin in Turbo-Props and small jets to full service bathrooms with sinks and toilets in large jets. Mid size jets generally have small bathrooms with toilet and small sinks. Your concierge broiker can review with you the specific details on available aircraft as you make your selection.

What is a qualified flight crew?

For each private jet charter flight booked by Star Jets Intl. we selected aircraft operators using pilots who have met or exceeded FAA Part 135 requirements to fly charter with utmost safely. We also ensure that your crew has lengthy experience flying the specific aircraft make and model you are chartering from us.

What are the Entertainment options on private jets?

Many of the modern private aircraft have available some or all of the following on board and your concierge will ensure their availability based on your specific requests:

  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • Televisions, DVD players Satellite Antenna
  • Satellite Phones
  • Fax Machine
  • Pre-recorded music and plugin for your own music sources like iPods, iPads, Tablest or Laptops
  • Hi-Fi Entertainment systems
  • IPod/IPhone connectivity
  • Coffee/Espresso Machines /Microwave
  • Medical Kits