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You’re going to Miami – by private charter of course –

and want to hit the hot spots. While there are many, you want more than the any ol’ beachfront villa or 5-star restaurant.. For the in-the-know info. on where to stay, eat and explore the next time you jet to Miami, go no further.

Most Luxurious Miami Hotel Suite

The Penthouse Residences at the Faena Hotel in Miami Beach are gaining the reputation of one of the best suites in Miami. Imagina a six bedroom suite on two oceanview levels. Unobstructed, of course.

The Faena is located in the Faena District of Miami, an art hub of the city. The hotel embraces this culture by incorporating local artists’ designs through unique rooms and suites throughout the property. While you can build the loyalty of staying with the same property and the predictability of service, you can enjoy the surprise factor of a new experience and decor every time. Plus, you might even fall in love with one of the local artists’ work and want to bring a piece home.

Hardest to Get Miami Dinner Table

Casa Tua is one of the most – if not arguably the most – popular restaurants in Miami Beach. So as you can imagine, this makes getting a table a hot commodity. Some concierge services like Porter & Sail have a table reserved every night, needed to cater to their clients’ tastes for expensive and exclusive.

Exclusive Miami Experience Money CAN Buy

#ART. Over the past few years, Miami has evolved into an art mecca. Miami’s artsy-ness was once contained to a few days a year when the almost-50-year-old contemporary fair Art Basel came to town. Now, the Wynwood District is renowned for its galleries, street art and local talents.
With a limitless budget, your selection is limitless too. Take a tour of the outdoor installations, shop the stores and galleries, and take your pick. It’s a perfect way to memorialize your trip too.

Shop here: Only in Miami

Nomad Tribe is an “ethical fashion marketplace” located in the Wynwood district of Miami. All the wares are just that- ethical fashion. How so? Fabrics are crafted by families in Peru, designs are by independent artists, and products support developing communities and budding entrepreneurs. Nomad Tribe looks for brands committed to social and environmental causes.

They also have a sustainability partnership with OSOMtex, a company that recycles worn clothes into new pieces. Nomad Tribe takes zero environmental impact seriously. So you can look good and feel good about who and what your shopping is supporting.

Aside from this brick and mortar location in Wynwood, you can also shop womens and menswear online.

Hottest Miami Local Spot

Sugar, the rooftop bar at the East Hotel at Brickell City Center. Located on the 40th floor, It has amazing view overlooking Brickell Road and the surrounding area. The dark wood, pagoda-like bar is surrounded by lush gardens. With these views and this atmosphere, it’s no wonder this is the sweet spot to be nowadays. Expect a line on the weekends, but it’s worth it.

For a totally different feel, The Living Room, located at the Faena Hotel, is another local hot spot. Expect live music and handcrafted cocktails. Oh yea, and a cigar menu too featuring detailed descriptions for any connoisseur. The glowing lamps and warm red hued decor create a cozy spot outside of the heat.
It’s always full on weekends and pretty much the same during the weekdays too. While this creates a lively buzz, it also makes for a crowded living room, so cozy up on a sofa or plush leopard print chair and make yourself at home.