Covid-19 Driving Commercial First-Class Passengers to Private Jet Company

Covid-19 Driving Commercial First-Class Passengers to Private Jet Company - 8 Cent Per Share "Star Jets International" Sales Taking Off With $200 Million Sales Target

Oct. 24, 2020 2:31 PM ET|About: Star Jets International, Inc. (JETR),

  • Big commercial airlines like UAL, AAL, DAL, and LUV continue to report enormous losses as passengers avoid high risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection in big commercial airplanes
  • In the past, private jet travel was considered a luxury, but today because of Covid-19 it is now an important safety factor for families and business travelers
  • When Covid-19 does finally go away, many new private jet passengers are likely to remain loyal to their newly discovered conveniences and benefits of private jet travel
  • Ricky Sitomer, Star Jets International (OTCPK:JETR) CEO and Founder is recognized as a pioneer and leader in private jet aviation – He generated $800 million in sales with previous Blue Star Jets founded in 2001
  • Star Jets sales are beginning to grow exponentially with $5.3 Million reported for 2019 - $4.3 million in first half of 2020 – and bookings of $1 million just for month of August 2020 before August
  • Star Jets engaged Investment Banking Firm to raise $10,000,000 to finance first $100,000,000 sales
  • Intermediate-term sales goal is $200 million per year
  • Management has large ownership interest which drives strong motivation for increased valuations to the benefit of all shareholders
  • Star Jets shares are only $.085 with market cap of $6.2 million and small float – Market cap and share price are expected to appreciate dramatically in the short-term and long term

Every single big commercial airline carrier such as UAL, AAL, DAL and LUV is imploding as passengers continue to avoid what they perceive as high-risk exposure to SARS-CoV-2 in tightly overcrowded spaces for hours at a time. However, there is one bright spot in commercial aviation and it is turning out to be Private Jets. Star Jets International (JETR: OTC) is flourishing like never before as wealthy passengers find safer ways to travel. If the experts are correct that the pandemic could last another 3 years, then this boom in private jet travel could last considerably longer than expected.

Consider also that many new private jet customers are really enjoying being spoiled in their newly found, highly attentive and personalized luxury experience in their very own private jet. They really like their new way to travel and they don’t want to go backwards spending hours like sheep in an overcrowded airliner cabin even if it is first class.

Star Jets International is experiencing sharply rising demand and record sales making the future look incredibly bright. Watch this short video to see why so many are discovering private jet travel – and why so many will continue to choose private jet travel over commercial choices including first class. It’s an easy decision to make that only takes money and today there are more wealthy people than then there are seats on private jets in the sky at any one time.

Star Jets International was founded in October 2016 by Ricky Sitomer, foremost expert in Private Jet Charter, and the co-founder of Blue Star Jets, one of the most recognized Jet Charter companies in the Private Aviation space. While CEO and leading Blue Star Jets in its 16-year operating history, the company generated over $800M in revenue and established “private Jet Brokerage and Charter” as the most efficient model for accessing private jets. Blue Star Jets pioneered the jet charter business and led the industry.

In its 16-year operating history, Blue Star Jets become a brand name in the private aviation business (featured in the movie Wall Street). The Company’s client list was a Who’s Who of corporate America, and included government officials, athletes, entertainers, wealthy families, and business leaders around the world.

Sitomer, while CEO of Blue Star Jets appeared on CNN/FN as a safety and security expert regarding private aviation and has been recognized for his leadership position in the industry by The New York Times, ABC, CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg and many others. The Wall Street Journal has described Blue Star Jets as one of the most competitively priced jet providers in the country. Additionally, Blue Star was recognized as the “Best Private Jet Company” from the Board of Luxury Travel Advisors, an award voted on by all travel agents that are affiliated with all travel consortiums.

Star Jets International (“Star Jets”) has moved that business model through innovation and development into the most professional and reliable model for both business and personal jet travel. Star Jets International’s motto is “Any Jet, Any Time, Anywhere.“

Mr. Sitomer, at age 51, has committed to take his 20-years of experience and knowledge and grow this three-year old company into the premier Jet Charter company that will successfully compete and win in the space. In the last decade, several business models have been tried and failed, all seeking to promote access and cost efficiency for jet travel, while achieving neither.

Star Jets is looking to be the new “Priceline, Expedia, Kayak,” of private jets. By leveraging its relationships with private jet owners and operators, directly targeting qualified customers, and having a team of technology experts to market directly to our customers through social media, online marketing efforts and television, Star Jets will grow into one of the largest and most successful private jet brokers in the world.

Star Jets is poised to launch their new real time “Booking Engine“ online and through an Apple IOS app and an Android app, and become the premier Private Jet Brokerage firm in the entire world.

Star Jets International - Overview

Star Jets will improve the traditional business model that has proven to work for many years. Star Jets growth will be fueled by targeting customers directly and giving them the ability to automatically book their private jet travel online or on our customized app that has already been built out.

Star Jets offers its clients the flexibility to fly on whatever their needs are for each specific trip with access to 5000 aircraft in the USA and 15,000 aircraft worldwide. Star Jets also offers clients three types of Skycard, a 25-hour card in a specific aircraft, a traditional Skycard (that works like a debit card), and a customized Skycard program (20 trips from Teterboro to West Palm Beach).

The points of differentiation for Star Jets are its ability to secure customers for charters and programs, its individualized customer service, its pricing structure designed to be superior to anyone in the jet service industry, and its access to a fleet of jets unrivaled by its competitors.


The private jet market has evolved over the years with many different options available. There are fractional programs, which have 5-year commitments, monthly management fees, and are very expensive. There are local charter operators and other brokers and programs. And lately, there are a lot of gimmicks that will be out of business when they run out of money.

Star Jets is focused on its core business, wealthy families and businesses that want to fly private on private jets, with the emphasis on direct marketing and access to the “Best Planes at the Best Prices.” Star Jets will develop relationships and a quality of service that will drive loyalty and growth. The sales team will have a concierge approach to clients, and will know the preferred bottle of wine and the favorite snacks for traveling families. The company will arrange for any catering or restaurants on board, transportation, be the go-to resource for tickets to entertainment and sports events, villa rentals, yacht charters and anything else they need.

Many families and businesses that were once on the fence are now flying private. Star Jet’s brokerage model reduces costs and opens the market to a broader demographic. Innovative programs that Star Jets will deploy will focus on making the private jet experience more affordable. Improved affordability and accessibility, in addition to the intrusive security measures at commercial airports, is fueling private charter growth. The private jet industry is forecasted to be a $20 billion per year industry. In this growing market, Star Jets is poised to gain significant market share. Star Jets expects to surpass industry growth based upon its proven strategy and industry experience, relationships with the best aircraft and operators, its understanding of digital marketing and direct marketing, and by automating the booking process.

Target Markets

The Company is targeting all users of private aviation including business, personal and leisure travelers with the intent to broker all aspects of private air travel. The business model is focused on selling a Bespoke product for the experienced private aviation traveler at the best price points, the Lending Tree model. In addition, and based on prior success and experience, the Company will build specific sales teams and pursue additional markets to include Air Cargo, Air Ambulance, Private Jet Sales, and Private Jet Management.

International Expansion

The Jet Charter business requires very little overhead to grow and expand and as part of the long-term growth objectives Star Jets will look to establish sales and marketing satellite offices in strategic locations with the highest priority being Eastern Europe, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. The company seeks to establish relationships in these regions, either through targeted broker acquisitions or by opening small sales/marketing offices, allowing Star Jets International to better serve these key markets (known private jet corridors; Moscow – Paris).

Innovation and Acquisitions

The Company has developed a specialty “Booking Engine“ to assist with the real time online reservations process and the real time booking app. A user-friendly solution that will streamline the initial customer interaction and process and focus on the customer booking directly on the app. The Company will also look to immediately hire in house technology experts to assist with social media and internet marketing. The Company may pursue acquisitions of worldwide charter broker companies that will bring volume, revenue and performing sales teams.


When Covid-19 does finally go away, a large number of new private jet passengers are likely to remain loyal to the conveniences and benefits of private jet travel. Ricky Sitomer, Star Jets International (OTCPK:JETR) CEO and Founder is recognized as a pioneer and leader in private jet aviation – He generated $800 million in sales with previous Blue Star Jets founded in 2001. Now he is doing it again as Star Jets sales are beginning to grow exponentially with $5.3 Million reported for 2019 - $4.3 million in first half of 2020 – and bookings of $1 million just for month of August 2020 and before August. Star Jets engaged Investment Banking Firm to raise $10,000,000 to finance first $100,000,000 sales. Intermediate-term sales goal is $200 million per year.

Star Jets shares are only $.085 with market cap of $6.2 million and small float. Market cap and share price are now well positioned for enormous appreciation in a very short time.

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