CNBC TV Ad Campaign

Star Jets International To Launch TV Ad Campaign On CNBC

Ricky Sitomer’s charter broker and jet card seller Star Jets International is launching its first television campaign

After building Blue Star Jets into a major player in the world or private jet charter brokers, Ricky Sitomer’s new entry Star Jets International is launching its first television advertising campaign since its founding last year. At the time, Sitomer said he was seeking to build Star Jets sales to at least $100 million organically and through acquisitions. Via a reverse takeover, he also has taken the company public with the ticker JETR. 


Star Jets Intl. sells both category and aircraft specific jet cards as well as on-demand charter and now it will bring the message to CNBC starting Tuesday. The campaign will run for 90 days with the spots running four to seven times per day. According to Adweek, CNBC attracts between 150,000 and 200,000 viewers and is popular with C-Suite executives.


There are two versions of the 15-second spots, both using imagery of private jets, luxury destinations, and Star Jet’s new app. One version (screenshots below) starts with the words “15,000 Jets Worldwide…At Your Fingertips.” It goes on to say, “Any Jet…Any Time…Anywhere” before closing with its logo, stock ticker, website address and phone number.

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CNBC Star Jets Intl Ad