Blue Star Jets

The Leading Private Jet Charter Company between 2001-2015 - Blue Star Jets

Star Jets International was founded in October 2016 by Ricky Sitomer, foremost expert in Private Jet Charter, and the co-founder of Blue Star Jets in 2001, one of the most recognized Private Jet Charter companies in the Private Aviation space. While CEO and leading Blue Star Jets in its 14-year operating history, the company generated over $800M in revenue and established “Private Jet Brokerage and Charter” as the most efficient model for accessing private jets.

Blue Star Jets pioneered the private jet rental business and led the industry. The company constantly innovated and developed a professional and reliable model for both business and personal jet travel. Star Jets International will continue that innovation.  It's motto is “ Any Jet, Any Time, Anywhere “.  

Mr. Sitomer, at age 48, is now committed to take his 17 years of experience and knowledge and grow a new company that will compete and win in the Private Jet Charter marketplace. Over the last decade, several other competitive business models have been tried and failed, all seeking to promote access and cost efficiency for jet travel, while achieving neither. 

Star Jets International (SJI) is looking to be the new “Uber” of private jets.  By leveraging its relationships with private jet owners and operators, it's buying power in the industry, and with a team of technology experts to market directly to our customers through social media and online marketing efforts, Star Jets Int'l will grow into one of the largest and most successful private jet brokers in the world.

SJI offers it's clients the flexibility to fly on whatever private aircraft meets their particular needs for each specific trip.  We have access to 5,000 private aircraft in the US and 15,000 aircraft worldwide.  We also offer our clients 3 types of Sky Cards, a 25 hour card for 6 Classes of aircraft, a traditional Sky Card (that works like a debit card), and a customized Sky Card program (i.e. 20 trips from Teterboro, NJ to West Palm Beach, FL).

Mr. Sitomer, while CEO of Blue Star Jets appeared on CNN/FN as a safety and security expert regarding private aviation and has been recognized for his leadership position in the industry by The New York Times, ABC, CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg and many other News sources.  The Wall Street Journal described Blue Star Jets as one of the most competitively priced private jet providers in the country.  Additionally, Blue Star Jets was recognized as the “Best Private Jet Company” from the Board of Luxury Travel Advisors, an award voted-on by all travel agents affiliated with travel consortiums.

In its 16 year operating history, Blue Star Jets became a brand name in the private aviation business (featured in the "Wall Street" movie sequel). The Company’s client list was a Who’s Who of corporate America, and included government officials, athletes, entertainers, wealthy families, and business leaders around the world.